Anton Koritni


Antique Anton Intense near piano

Anton Koritni is one of the most dynamic and talented singer/piano-players ever to sit in front of eighty-eight ebony and ivory keys. After 20 years of performing, Anton draws on a wealth of experience in many different genres to create a fresh and unique sound, which, despite its technical nature, has a pop sensibility and emotional maturity. Anton’s piano vocal performances range from soft and intimate to upbeat soul music that keeps the dance floor rocking.

He has performed extensively in Australia as well as regularly touring in Western Europe and USA. Having travelled the country and the world, Anton’s experience can be heard in each of is performances. He is a creature of the stage and exudes energy in front of any audience.

Most cross genre artists have their strengths in one style as they sail toward new frontiers but Anton truly comes from two musical worlds. He received a diploma of classical piano performance at 17 and was a member of Jimmy Barnes’ Rock band at 21 years of age. In 2016 Anton was the Hand Double for Michael Fassbender in the Ridley Scott film Alien: Covenant. For this role he performed ‘Entry of the Gods into Valhalla’ by Richard Wagner on a Steinway piano. His diverse work includes Musical Theatre – ‘SHOUT’ the Johnny O’Keefe story, being a member of Jimmy Barnes’ Rock band as well as making a guest appearance with INXS.

Anton composes music in many styles including Classical, Romantic, Jazz and Rock. He has co-written songs with Mark McEntee (Divynyls) and Dave Leslie (Baby Animals). For the past 10 years Anton has worked in many musical fields including conducting choirs, composing film music, writing big band arrangements and publishing children’s music while constantly performing solo piano/vocal shows.